Vividmax Work Light 6 Inch Oval

Installation additional cost.

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The EFS Vividmax work light is a high performance light perfect for your 4x4 vehicle.  These work lights are constructed from extruded aluminum, producing high strength and heat dissipation.  The sturdy construction is waterproof and dust and water rated to IP67.

The lights produce a high power light shining 6500k of bright white light, and have an estimated lifespan of over 50,000 hours.

  • LED 6"
  • OVAL 18W LED
  • 5D optics for maximum vision

The work light comes with stainless steel fixing mounts and a polycarbonate protective cover.

The Vividmax Work Lights come in 3 sizes, this 6 inch oval, a 4" square light and 3" inch square light.