EFS Vividmax Light Bar 8 Inch


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If you're after a versatile small compact light bar, the EFS Vividmax 7 inch Light bar is a great all-rounder that is compact enough to be mounted on a bullbar/rear bar/ roof rack and can be paired with a set of round driving lights for the ultimate in lighting solutions. The EFS Vividmax light bar is constructed from high quality tough aluminum extrusion which offers great heat dissipation and protection and is IP67 water/dust proof. It is equipped with genuine OSRAM LED Chips (5000-6300k) It also has deep lens buckets and magnifiers on the LED to further improve the light efficiency. These lights are easy to install with 12-36 volt systems and come complete with stainless steel mounting hardware, water proof plug and polycarbonate lens protector and backed by a 2 year warranty.