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With the international travel restrictions forcing Australian’s to travel domestically there has been a huge increase in caravan purchases, leading to many first time towers hitting our roads.  With Toyota Landcruiseers being one of the most popular 4×4 vehicles in Australia, known for their ‘Toyota Tough” reputation, its little wonder that its a popular choice for new caravan enthusiasts. 

EFS Gold Coast offers a great range of Australian owned EFS suspension options to ensure your Toyota Landcruiser is properly set up to carry the load of your new caravan, for the terrain you plan to visit.


EFS Elite

The EFS Elite Shock Absorber Range is developed for the 4wd owner who only pursues the bestfor their 4wd. EFS is built with high quality Internal & external components combined together to give you excellent performance and longevity. EFS shock absorbers are vehicle & height specific with valving developed to suit each vehicle.

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The EFS XTR Shock Absorber Range is developed specifically for the Out-back off-road Tourer, with a heavily laden 4wd. Itis Improved with increased oil capacities to reduce operating temperatures and
incorporates a highly robust construction to take on the worst Australian Out-back roads. EFS XTR shock absorber are designed & developed to suit each vehicle and are not a one shock suits all approach. They are constructed from high quality internal and external components to meet the demands ofthe modern 4wd.

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The EFS X-Treme Shock Absorber has taken over three years to develop and test. During this period, it’s had countless trips along unsealed corrugated roads, highly strenuous technical off-road situations and has seen many laps of 4wd race tracks in competition vehicles. During this period the X-Treme has exceeded our expectations and has been pushed beyond the boundaries that a normal 4wd shock absorber can endure.

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